Town Flag

Flatrock Town Flag

In 1984 Flatrock celebrated an exciting and historical year. Two outstanding events marked the year. First was the visit of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, and secondly the opening of the community’s first Town Hall. To commemorate these occasions and to represent the unique quality and heritage of the Town, a coat of arms was commissioned which was put on the town flag. The design symbolizes the essence of Flatrock:


The Land, the Sea, and the Wealth that it holds, is shown in the Green, the Blue and the Gold;
Our forefathers who settled this region, Green for the Irish and Blue for Norwegian;
The English, as well, are part of our past, with the book lined in Red, their importance will last;
And the Pope’s visit is a memory to hold, it is symbolized in the Blue, the White, and the Gold;
The anchor is there for the men of the sea, for without their strength, this land could not be;
The book stands for the people, from the young to the old, they are the town’s treasure, its heart and its soul;
And the steps to the cross represent Flatrock’s shrine, the Grotto, our landmark, we hold most divine;
And finally, the rope means union and strength, as it binds the community through its full length.



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