Council Members and Staff

Council Members

Darrin Thorne, Mayor

Phone: 437-5654

Terry Humber, Deputy Mayor

Phone: 437- 6634

Marion McCarthy, Councillor

Phone: 437-6945


Michelle Martin, Councillor

Phone: 437-5016

Tony Grace, Councillor

Phone: 437-6825

Robert Schmiedendorf, Councillor

Phone: 437-6255


Corrina Martin, Councillor

Phone: 437-7665



Dianne Stamp, Town Clerk

Phone: 437-6312 Email Dianne

Andrew Tobin, Finance and Administration Officer

Phone: 437-6312 Email Andrew

Stephanie Murray

Phone: 437-6312 Email Stephanie


Steve Crawley, Maintenance

Paul Blundon, Maintenance


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